Because true innovation doesn’t happen without courage and collaboration; we are the connectors of people, the source of experience and the co-creators of strategy

Our journey begins with a group of like-minded individuals who worked side by side for many years delivering on large and complex technology and operational programs. While solving big business problems and leading organizations through tremendous phases of growth, we discovered ways to achieve unprecedented results while building passionate, collaborative, and results-focused teams. We created keyworks to share this collaborative formula and enable our customers to achieve extraordinary results with their own strategic initiatives. Big and bold technology innovation requires a lot of heavy-lifting. We bring the highest standard of expertise along with the practical experience to support our customers in reaching quality outcomes and new heights of achievement.

  • we connect people & foster relationships
  • we solve business problems
  • we solve technology problems
  • we get things done
  • we are keyworks

Our Leadership

Nicole Lang, Chief Executive Officer Leveraging her executive experience leading large-scale operations and complex product deployments, Nicole provides a holistic business approach to technology program delivery. Her ease of communication and measured approach to business problems fosters collaboration and coordinated execution leading ultimately to tremendous team results.

“The idea of Keyworks came about when a group of us were sharing what we had enjoyed most in our professional lives – what were the top moments that we could recall. And for me it all came down to times that were charged with, what I would call, “collaborative creation”. I wanted to recreate the success I have experienced in building and bringing together amazing and productive teams to deliver true innovation and new lines of business. When you experience that energy and excitement that occurs when smart and passionate people collaborate to create something new and transformative – there’s nothing like it.”

Stuart Smith, Chief Technology Officer With a career spanning close to three decades, Stuart’s has established himself as a strong leader of high performance technology teams. With a focus on operational excellence, prudent financial management, and innovative solutions, Stuart has led teams through many significant IT programs including real-time crisis management, cloud and system integrations.

“Entrepreneurship has always been in my blood as my father built many successful companies. From keyworks’ initial concept of what was possible I knew this was a natural evolution for me. The opportunity to shape our service offerings without being constrained in a box appeals to me and excites me in so many ways. And the great roster of partners working towards our common goals made the decision a no-brainer.”

Albert Anderson, VP, Customer Success
With decades of experience leading both project and service delivery organizations, as well as providing clients with critical solutions to achieve their business goals, Albert is a key member of our senior team who is a strong support and partner to our customers across all program portfolios.

Our Team

We augment your capabilities with ours. From partnering on new technology or product launch strategies, to full end-to-end technology implementations, to assisting with seasoned program management, or providing highly-skilled technical resources; our range of capabilities is broad and our goal is to tailor our offerings to what our clients need to achieve their goals. Our partners, advisors, and our network of top talent support our clients around the world across the full project lifecycle, from conception to implementation. We work with our clients every day to help them identify oncoming industry shifts, adapt to market changes, capitalize on new business opportunities and maintain an edge on the competition.

Our Advisors

At keyworks we understand the power of networks and our Advisor Network forms a instrumental part of our DNA within our culture of collaboration and innovation. Our network consists of some of the brightest and most generous entrepreneurs, executives, and industry gurus from diverse backgrounds and geographies. They lend their guidance and expertise in support of specific programs and keyworks Ventures. We are pleased and honoured to have them as part of our extended keyworks family.

Our Technology Partners

Our network of technology partners are an extension of our keyworks team and provide specialized solutions, services and product offerings. We commit to working with industry-leading partners so that we can in turn, commit to delivering you results.