The Future of Business

We help our clients to be nimble while delivering mid to large sized technology and operational programs. By leveraging our senior-level skills and resources, our clients can successfully deliver new or transformative programs, without compromising or losing any focus on current business operations.

“The best talent isn’t often available except on a contract basis; and businesses’ needs aren’t predictable enough to just hire a dedicated team and keep it staffed continuously. The watchword of any business that’s trying to stay innovative and competitive is flexibility.” – Fast Company

Broadband Telecommunications

High-performance broadband networks are becoming ubiquitous with strong economies and innovative cultures around the world. Our founders and Advisors have played key strategic and transformational roles as senior leaders during significant periods of the industry’s evolution in Canada.

The pace of technology is rapidly advancing creating a vast array of solutions for organizations to choose from to meet their business goals. Our years of experience working with different technology solutions allows us to identify, recommend, and implement solutions with confidence.

With our strong bench of qualified and experienced specialists, our team can support any and all aspects of a network design, change, or implementation.

  • We have teams that can plan, design and program manage HFC (hybrid fiber coaxial) and Fiber Optic network builds and upgrades of scale (Node Splits, Capacity Management, Network Consolidation)
  • We have technical experts who are well-versed in the end-to-end delivery of Telecom, Enterprise and Cable/HFC based services (Voice, Video and Data)
  • We have the background and experience to guide OSS/BSS platform options to align with your business goals

With a wide variety of skills and expertise in network build-out, as well as experience with complex data source environments, we can provide a strong, complementary resources to augment the success of your team.

IT Security

The protection of data and the security of technical environments is an area of growing concern globally. We collaborate with experts in this field and have established a methodology and critical best practices in prevention, detection, design and compliance.

Designing a security strategy requires a comprehensive understanding of your organization, your types of data, and specific threat exposures. The architecture of your technology environment is also key to identifying risk mitigation strategies that work within your environment.

Keyworks can ensure your IT environment is protected appropriately through a build of simple, effective processes and impactful policies with a level of technical mitigation that is tailored specifically for your business.

Our team has extensive experience in all aspects of Network Security including: malware, forensics, investigations and security information & event management (SIEM). We support our clients with Vulnerability Assessments, Defect Reporting, Remediation Planning, as well as assist with prevention and mitigation strategies, and provide guidance on meeting complex compliance requirements.

NearShore Development

Organizations are constantly trying to find scaleable and cost-effective ways to develop software. With the increasing constraints associated with onshore development along with the inherent risks of offshoring, nearshoring is an even more attractive alternative. See how our NearShore development team can help accelerate your software delivery.

Onshore North American software development is constrained, most notably demonstrated by a sharp increase in software developer rates, a high turnover of top talent, and challenges in finding quality local developers at a competitive cost. Offshore software development efforts pose their own unique challenges, specifically around meeting the expectations of quality and time to delivery standards. Other inherent obstacles including time-zone differences and cultural nuances have also impeded the progress of many software projects. NearShore solves many of the issues found with conventional software delivery.

NearShore has expertise at developing software as a turnkey project. Our featured work includes the following project areas:

New Product Development
Application Modernization
Legacy System Maintenance
Large Scale System Development
Systems Integrations
Our programming and technology expertise includes:

Java, C++, Swift, Python, Perl
HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, Apache httpd
Jetty, Karaf, JMS
RESTful WS, JSON, protobuf
MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle, memory resident DBs
Linux, Windows, QNX, iOS
Git, Gradle, Jenkins

Successful software projects only start with quality people:

Team members each come equipped with a minimum of 10 years experience as software professionals
A very flat organization where the whole team works with the code
Teams work in a co-located, open space resulting in the highest level of collaboration and productivity
Our developer empowered culture allows us to focus on software quality and efficiency

Our years of delivering successful projects are based on an evolved set of agile practices:

Stories/Requirements written by you and our developers
Scrum with short sprints synced to your work cadence
Design and technology chosen to fit the solution, not what is simply convenient for the developer
Trunk-based development, frequently committed, ready to release with little or no notice
Automate testing as much as is practical, with unit testing the most time and cost effective
Quality is assured by everyone starting with the developer

On the strength of our senior talent and agile approach to software development, our teams have produced the following results:

65+ successful projects
500,000+ LOC written
0 bugs resulting in no downtime
Our track record is proven from working with multinational companies across multiple sectors. NearShore can improve your ability to deliver quality software on time, on spec, and on budget.

Technology Ventures

A well-defined strategy not only drives your product or business success but it can also prepare for the unexpected. Our team is inspired by innovators and looks to support them with our years of experience building new lines of business and delivering on go-to-market and growth strategies.

We are inspired by disruptive technology, innovation that shifts paradigms, and business models that transform customer experiences. We are inspired by leaders who have a vision to pursue these types of innovation or product transformations – and who are tenacious and bold enough to enable that vision. These are the people and the businesses that keyworks helps to succeed.

We partner with technology innovators to find the right growth and go-to-market strategies. We leverage our own experience and our network of experts and investors to validate strategies, assess market opportunities, and assist with partnerships and development funding solutions.

In today’s business environment customers expect personalized, easy and transparent interactions. We can help you exceed your customer’s expectations from comprehensive CX strategy plans to customized process designs incorporating innovative technologies. Throughout the CX program we help monitor, measure, and fine-tune the initiatives based on data collected from the voice of the customer and employee.

It transcends your culture from the leadership team to the front-line staff, from branding & marketing campaigns to IT system integrations, from customer insights to employee engagement. Through a collaborative approach, we deliver a continuous improvement plan incorporating governance models, knowledge management, reporting & analytical tools, and leading change management practices to embed a customer-centric culture into your whole organization.

Measuring NPS and CSAT is not sufficient anymore. The true value of customer experience is reflected through stronger brand loyalty, greater employee engagement and ultimately, increased revenues. With more measurable practices available, it is becoming more viable for organizations to highlight the financial returns of their CX initiatives and garner key organizational support and buy-in. Our team includes CX, finance and operational professionals to provide balanced insights into your strategy.

Leading organizations are utilizing customer-forward thinking to separate themselves from the pack and capture larger market share. With the rise of the Chief Customer Officer, organizations are being forced to take a more proactive approach to accelerate their growth and address competitive forces. Don’t wait until the mass customer exodus and see how keyworks can help deliver on your business objectives through the customer value proposition.

Whether you’re looking for standard, quick-fix recommendations or deep, innovative insights to accelerate your business, we work with our top advisors to deliver a solution customized for your needs. Our partner relationships allow us to focus on your needs first and foremost, rather than trying to fit your business into ours. Because at our core we are collaborative problem solvers, not salespeople.

Just like you, we know that sometimes we just don’t have all the answers. That’s why we partner with industry leading technologies and advisors to provide a comprehensive solution that is customized to your business needs. From our technology partners in Silicon Valley and Paris, to our trusted clients in the Asia Pacific, our reach is truly global.

Your business doesn’t operate in just one timezone, and neither do we. Keyworks is an international company, currently with offices in Canada and Australia, and we support our customers around the world.